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CICA method MASK
¥380(excluding tax)


CICA method MASK(3 sheets)
¥900(excluding tax)

Face masks are now available under the "CICA method" brand made in Japan.


The masks adhere to the skin as if they are being absorbed by the skin, making them a rescue for tired skin and a special care product.



The CICA method mask contains 28ml of beauty essence to smooth and moisturize your skin.

The mask fabric is made of a cotton sheet that adheres to the skin and has excellent water retention properties.

It adheres firmly to the skin and effectively delivers the essence to the keratinized layer of the skin.


The mask has a refreshing natural scent of essential herbs.


We recommend using MIST, MASK, and CREAM in that order!

You will feel the effect of "CICA method" more.



How to use

1) Remove the bag from the mask and spread it out.

2) Apply the mask to the entire face, aligning the mask with the eyes and mouth, and make sure that it adheres to all parts of the skin.

3) Lightly press down on the entire face to adhere to the mask.

(3) Press down lightly on the entire face and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

(4) Gently peel off the mask and apply to the skin.(4) Gently peel off the mask and blend the remaining essence into the skin with your hands.


(*1)Contains no parabens, ethanol, UV absorbers, petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, legal dyes, phenoxyethanol, animal ingredients, ammoniacal acid, talc, or ingredients designated on the label.

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