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CICA method MASK
¥380(excluding tax)


CICA method MASK(3 sheets)¥900(excluding tax)

We have launched CICA Method Mask made in Japan.

CICA Method Mask replenishes skin and makes it more look supple and firm. You can use the mask for special skin care. It has 28 ml of essence per packet that softens and moisturizes skin.

The soft facial mask, which is made from cotton, contains plenty of the essence. It fits around your face and effectively helps your skin absorb and retain moisture.

CICA Method Mask is blended with essential herb oils that create fresh and natural scents.


We recommend using the mask with CICA Method Mist and CICA Method Cream. They can help improve your skin condition.

<Recommended approach>

Mist → Mask → Cream















<How to use>

1. Take a mask from the packet and unfold gently.

2. Place the mask over face.

3. Lightly press the mask into place and keep it on skin for 10 ~ 15 minutes.

4. Remove the mask and gently massage excess essence into skin.

Tips: The excess essence in the packet can also be used for your neck and body.


Does not contain: paraben, ethanol, ultraviolet absorbing materials, petroleum based surfactants, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorant, phenoxyethanol, raw animal materials, benzoic acid or talc.

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