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CICA method

¥1800 (excluding tax)


CICA Method UV Base Milk is formulated with the concept ingredient of CICA CREAM, "Tubokusa Extract" and traditional Japanese botanical ingredients. It has a scent of essential herbs mixed with essential oils and has SPF 50+ PA++++.



UV base milk for morning use

Improves skin's transparency*.

Improves skin tone*.

Pore covering effect*.

Prevents skin irritation with the Cica Method formula.

Easy to remove with soap

Smooth, stretchy, and easy-to-use texture

Smooth and easy-to-use texture



How to use

In the morning, after applying lotion, take about 2 pearls of the product in the palm of your hand and apply to the entire face. Reapply as needed after sweating or wiping with a towel.


Camellia japonica extract*, dokudami extract*, shiso leaf extract*, inositol*, cherry extract*, glycyrrhizic acid 2K*, astragalus membranaceus extract* (astragalus seed extract)


Moisturizing ingredients

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