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¥2000(excluding tax)


This is a quasi-drug booster serum formulated with the concept ingredient of CICA cream, "Camellia sinensis extract," and ancient Japanese botanical ingredients. It is used first after cleansing the face as an introductory serum, and has a boosting effect to improve the blending of the toner and cream to be used later. The fragrance of essential herbs blended with essential oil delivers a healing effect every time it is applied.



For sensitive skin* and acne-prone skin

Point care for irritated skin

The Sika Method formula conditions the skin and prevents roughness.

Thick texture provides moisture to the skin.

*Not all people are free from irritation.



■How to use

After cleansing your face, apply an appropriate amount to the palm of your hand with a dropper and gently blend to envelop your entire face.

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