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CICA method MIST
¥1600(excluding tax)


CICA method" brand "CICA" made in Japan is now available as a mist.


The fine mist gives moisture to the skin and soothes and conditions sudden dryness.



It can be used as a moisturizer after cleansing and as a finishing touch for makeup.


It has a refreshing natural scent of essential herbs.


We recommend using MIST, MASK, and CREAM in that order!

You will feel the effect of "CICA method" more.



How to use

Spray an appropriate amount evenly from about 30cm away from the face.

Can be used over makeup.

After washing face.

After applying makeup.

Use as a make-up remover.

*When using, be sure to close your eyes.



(*1) No parabens, ethanol, UV absorbers, petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, legal dyes, phenoxyethanol, animal ingredients, ammoniacal acid, talc.

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